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The ARTOFFICE partners with artists of our time bringing their visions to life. In their own words, these artists share their creative process and their stories.

Artist Spotlight | Jose Jimenez

Why does someone become an artist? It's a big question that can yield seemingly inconsequential answers. Sometimes, it all comes down to a chance encounter — stumbling across a comic strip, accidentally walking into a band's practice session or visiting an artist studio for the first time. I ask our feature artist, Jose Jimenez, to tell us about the pivotal moment that inspired his desire to create and set him [...]

  • Mara Korkola, No Place 484, oil on panel


Elissa Cristall is pleased to present our Artist Spotlight interview with Toronto-based artist Mara Korkola. In conversations and email over two [...]

  • Jessica Korderas, Drugs Sex Violence, resin sculpture


We delve into the meticulous three dimensional cast resin sculptures by Halifax artist Jessica Korderas. Film is a major inspiration for [...]

  • Carrie Walker, The Effect of Space, watercolour


Carrie Walker's art practice explores the fraught relationship between humans and non-human animals by looking at how humans write about, photograph [...]

  • Jeroen-Witvliet-The-Rider-120x150-cm-oil-on-canvas-2021-ecg


In this interview we present five new large-scale paintings by Dutch-Canadian artist Jeroen Witvliet. Witvliet's art is a response to [...]

  • Gillian RIchards, Park Gate, landscape, oil on canvas


Vancouver artist Gillian Richards spoke to me about her path to contemporary art making and the curiosity that continues to drive [...]


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