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Revealing and often surprising, the Artist Spotlight Series looks into the lives of Canadian artists and their art practices. In their own words, these artists expose their personal struggles, their thoughts and their stories related not only to their art practice but also to the impact of global events on their lives.

Artist Spotlight | Randall Steeves

Encaustic, or molten beeswax mixed with pigment, is Steeves’ medium of choice. The physicality of the encaustic medium is reinforced in the form of large renderings of fingerprints layered over the canvas surface. The prints are often Steeves’ own — he had himself ‘processed’ by the Vancouver Police Department in preparation for this work — and they serve to remind us not only of the existence of [...]

  • Mara Korkola, No Place 484, oil on panel


Elissa Cristall is pleased to present our Artist Spotlight interview with Toronto-based artist Mara Korkola. In conversations and email over two [...]

  • Jessica Korderas, Drugs Sex Violence, resin sculpture


We delve into the meticulous three dimensional cast resin sculptures by Halifax artist Jessica Korderas. Film is a major inspiration for [...]

  • Carrie Walker, The Effect of Space, watercolour


Carrie Walker's art practice explores the fraught relationship between humans and non-human animals by looking at how humans write about, photograph [...]

  • Jeroen-Witvliet-The-Rider-120x150-cm-oil-on-canvas-2021-ecg


In this interview we present five new large-scale paintings by Dutch-Canadian artist Jeroen Witvliet. Witvliet's art is a response to [...]

  • Gillian RIchards, Park Gate, landscape, oil on canvas


Vancouver artist Gillian Richards spoke to me about her path to contemporary art making and the curiosity that continues to drive [...]


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